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Inner Marriage with Master Yu💛SooJin

Inner Marriage with Master Yu💛SooJin

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ISM Embodiment Meditation

ISM Embodiment Meditation

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Inner Marriage Training by ISM

Inner Marriage Training by ISM

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   Sundao; ISM (ISM stands for Inner Space Meditation, Message, Movement, Music & Arts along with Integral Somatic Method) is complete re-interpretation of ancient wisdom from the perspective of well-being as a Whole. It guides you how to genuinely take care of yourself and all, and being truly responsible as a creator, master, and leader of your life and the world. 


   Master Yu and SooJin have been in lifelong devotion on personal growth and human potential, and Sundao; ISM is designed not just for passive peace or something far from a real life, but for a way to govern the inner and outer world as we regain true mastership over our body/mind and life. They have been helping countless people worldwide for more than 20 years, together with more than 100,000 hours meetings in many different professional fields including top leaders in business, arts, and celebrities. 


   Sundao; ISM is a revolutionary system, which is not derived from any other modality known today. It is ancient, proven scientifically developed practices coupled with insightful wisdom, yet it is not affiliated with any particular spiritual traditions, religion, culture or ethnicity. 

 It is utterly practical, and to the point, this method meets the needs of modern-day men and women who seek a way to centering into the essence of life in the shortest time for personal, organizational efficiency and ultimate well-being.  It provides the way to live your life with a full-time partnership with your Inner Space of Truth. It is a new type of education for energetic embodied transformations in Health, Relationship, Career Life, Material and Spiritual life. 

   With powerful, yet delicate ability to transmit energetic supports on people’s unconsciousness and its active vibrations, master Yu and SooJin will guide people to absolute clarity and practical insight on how we can bring desired changes from our internal unrests, stuck, stresses and any physical/mental challenges into freedom of consciousness and a life of fulfillment. This method will allow you to have a direct experience of your innate ability to live a magnificent, fulfilling life – to feel well in yourself with consistency, regardless of the circumstances. 

   The practice of ISM is very experiential guidance from personal quests rather than imposing conceptualized intellectual materials. With the simplicity and enlightening clarity over the law of energy, this training will significantly fast-forward the transformation that gives you peace, joy, clarity, and abundance in all dimensions. It gives you the tools and inspiration to move to the next phase of life fulfillment and actualization. It is one of the most simple, evolved method to be in Authenticity, Happiness, and Ultimate Freedom.

Master Yu

 Master Yu

 Master Yu, Jae-Sheen (Founder/Spiritual Director of Sundao) 


  Master Yu, is known as one of the most innovative and dynamic meditation teacher, and author of books, including “Sundao – An invitation to mountain Daoist practice”.


  After over 30 years of sharing his knowledge and meetings with thousands of people in the west, Master Yu created a groundbreaking well-being program, Sundao; ISM (Integral Somatic Methods) with unique interpretation on ancient of mountain Daoism, Buddhism and with the spiritual understanding of oriental medicine, which offers a practical solution for spontaneous healing and the transformation of consciousness for individuals, society, and the planet.


  After arriving in the United States in 1998, he opened practices in California and Arizona, USA. He travels internationally, offering workshops, personal meetings and retreats to individuals and organizations. With his lively, enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates

the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of the ancient arts and philosophy. He lives in North Scottsdale, Arizona USA.

  He was born nearby Mt Sobaek in S, Korea. He began his personal quest and spiritual journey at age 9, under the guidance of teachers such as SungChul (Buddhist Master), BongWoo (Mountain Daoist) and many others, along with Master HW Kwon, his grandfather and grandmother who, later in life, became a Buddhist priest and nun. After years of focused meditation and introspection in the presence of his spiritual teachers, he was blessed with many profound experiences that led him to the “ultimate” experience and understanding that healed his suffering from panic attacks, phobias, allergies, physical pains, and the ego-mind. Master Yu discovered firsthand the truth that all awakened people point to: We are not our body, mind, pain, and suffering, but rather, we are a manifestation of eternal presence, love, and consciousness. After integrating this profound experience into his day-to-day practice life, Master Yu reconnected with his childhood ability of “reading” through synchronized empathy, the suppressed thought forms and emotions in the body and energy of people with amazing accuracy. He also began “seeing” the many interconnected layers of the person’s

unconscious active vibration and identifying the original causes of problems, energetic block, pain, and illness.

SooJin Kim




SooJin Kim is a co-founder of ISM, Integral Somatic Method, Inner Space Meditation and Inner Space Music.

As a classically-trained violinist, her soulful music is dedicated to helping others to connect with their own hearts, the pure essence where unconditional love and authentic power reside. She believes music as a divine language to support people to explore new ways to live healthier, happier, and more creative lives that fully express the beauty of individuality and create more harmony in this world we live in.


   Her intense inward journey started after the serious injury she had while continued studying music in Germany. After trying all the possible ways to recover herself including western and eastern medical supports, she began to explore integrative holistic ways of approach and discovered the ancient healing arts and meditations, which benefited her immensely. The profound inner transformation and experiences radically changed not only her physical condition but also the way to see her life and the world. With the continuous devotional self-practice, all the understanding from what she experienced was embodied to her being. Thousands of people have been greatly helped by her natural gift of intuitive touch, yet she strongly trusts everyone already has perfect balance within.


   Since 1999 she has been sharing meditation, practical guidance and music throughout the world including the United States, Europe, Russia, and Asia. She travels the world with her beloved husband, founder of Sundao, Master Yu, Jae-Sheen offering workshops, retreats, concerts, and one-on-one meetings. 


   “It’s such a great joy to share our love with countless people around the world, and witness them to live greater fulfillment in their lives. I am so grateful for this journey. Our inspiration is to empower everyone, as the master of their life to take responsibility for their own happiness. The most important value for my husband and me is ‘Pure Benefits’ to others and ourselves. This is the profound awakening what we deeply realized through the intense period of meditation and self-training, so we keep it alive and real as we live it."



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