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Consciousness, Heart/Mindfulness, Emotional/Physical

Intelligence & The Human Potential.


Individual Session of Sundao; ISM With Master Yu and SooJin

Are you suffering from unresolved problems, stress or emotional baggage?

Access direct answers, resolution and energetic transformation
at the center of the very health, business, project, love, family, relationship life


        What can you expect in a meeting with Master Yu & SooJin ? What sets them apart from other mystics and spiritual teachers is that they are also spirit guided skillful hands-on healers. they not primarily concerned with fixing symptoms but rather with guiding people to shift from unconsciousness into consciousness.

        It is no-nonsense, to the point, and completely and utterly practical. They don't spend a lot of time talking about the problems or abstract concepts and philosophies. Instead, They immediately and accurately identify the root cause of the problem and bring right tools with their gifted abilities in reconnecting, reintegrating and healing. Also they help to erase the cause and receive its key messages from our Inner Space at the very life moment.

        From their personal meeting with more than 10,000 so many westerners including world leaders in many different area such as film, arts, medical, business organizations, etc., They calls both the journey to awakening & reintegrating and the awakening itself healing into Inner Space & self-realization, and Their healing method and guidance reflects that.

        Significantly fast-forward your physical, mental, and emotional healing and spiritual transformation, and will save you thousands of dollars in medication, counseling, or psychotherapy fees. During the A single session with they will: • Look into your energy and layers of the unconscious active vibrations(life limiting energy) that are hidden in your body. • Identify the root cause(s) of your physical, mental, and emotional life challenges imprinted in the body's cellular memory (epigenetic code).

       • Identify the conclusions you made due to past experiences that are creating energetic blocks and causing the symptoms of your physical, mental, or emotional problem(s).
       • Help you quickly release the blocked beliefs, thought forms and emotions from your entire body and energy.  
       • Open the door for your inner consciousness to come in and replace the old beliefs and imprints. This will create a 180-degree shift in your health and perception of reality.

       • Give you specific homework to do after the session so you can integrate the energetic shift in your body and consciousness, and manifest it in your day-to-day life.

       Master Yu & SooJin have worked with many physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual conditions in health/beauty, love/relationship/family, work/business/project, material & spiritual life. They brought energetic resolution and genuine positive transformations.

       Here are some to name a few: Chronic pain anywhere in the body, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, physical disabilities caused by injury, trauma, childhood issues, physical or sexual abuse, childbirth, fears and phobias, anxiety, perpetuating past life patterns, panic attacks, self-sabotage, hearing voices, ancestral patterns, energy leakage, spirituality, self-esteem, relationship problems, decision- making (personal, professional or business), and illnesses such as fibromyalgia, asthma, cystitis, digestion problems, vision loss, headaches, tonsillitis, thyroid, MS, Crones disease, Rosacea, bronchitis, chronic bleeding, chronic vomiting, cancer, etc.

       All sessions include homework, specifically given to you based on your own needs, so that you can continue integrating and grounding your new awareness and the energetic shift that will occur during the session. You will also receive a digital recording download of your session to continue working with the material on your own as needed.

“Master Yu’s Sundao; ISM session has helped me in many ways. The exercises and guided healing art have provided sustained relief from the chronic pains in my body. In addition, I feel much more focused in my day-to-day life.”-Chandra Chaikin, Ballerina.

“Master Yu’s healing technique is unique in the way that it accesses the wisdom and healing power of the body itself. His sessions have helped me to integrate painful emotional experiences and have guided me towards a deeper understanding of life.”-Esther Romeyn, Ph.D.

“What I especially liked about the session was spiritual understanding of Acupressure meridian healing system, the variety of experience, and the depth of wisdom.”-Victoria Vakarchuk, Ph.D.

To book a session please contact or Call 480-626-0003(USA)

Healing sessions for children

Of ISM (Integral Somatic Method) by Master Yu & SooJin

        SooJin, and me we offer healing sessions for children, helping shift and heal a vast range of issues – physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual dimensions.

        Children who are specially gifted and/or who have special needs respond particularly well to that type of approach, which can be a very powerful adjunct to more conventional approaches.

        The healing sessions for children are very simpler with adults however, for children under 14 year-old, the session includes at least the mother as I journey through her in behalf of her child.

        Exceptions can apply but are always discussed with the child and the parents. Whenever possible, the two parents are directly involved in the healing process.

        The sessions usually include energetic releasing, activation, emotional clearance and light physical touches; the modalities of ISM (integral somatic method) vary a lot with each case and are always discussed and agreed upon with the child and the parents.

        The experience always proves to be very re-empowering both for the child and the parents. Mothers, in particular, often come to the session experiencing a mix of discouragement, tiredness and guilt.

        They leave feeling whole again, re-assured in their role and re-empowered to support their child and be the Mom they want to be and truly are.

        There is no age limit and I sometimes treat infants that are still in their mother's womb. Any child under the age of 14 however should be accompanied by his/her Mother.

        Sessions are catered to the child's needs and abilities in terms of communication and self expression...Usually two sessions are mainly focused around acquiring their confidence and studying their habits and defenses.

        Then comes the creative process of inner self expression and from that the sessions take on a tailored creative way of healing that respects their boundaries and addresses their issues in an effortless way that involves playfulness, creativity and loads of love and dedication...

        “I’m so grateful to you– your healing work has been transformative for me and for [my son], and by extension for our whole family. There are not words to express my gratitude, or do your work justice” – Mary Ann Wells-

To book a session please contact or Call 480-626-0003(USA)

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