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P A R IS          

      23  and   24  June

S U N D A O   I S M

Course of full integration

We are very happy and excited to meet you all with this life enrichment, empowerment and enlightenment  meeting of Sundao ISM

Master Yu and SooJin

C O N T A C T S   &  P A Y M E N T

Workshop place

              23 Rue de la Sourdière, 75001, Paris, France

CEASC - Centre d'Education Artistique, Sportive et Culturelle

Recommended participation fees


                                          Group session


                         Until 31 May                   After 31 May


       1 day              100 €                                 110 €

       2 days            160 €                                 200 €


                                       Individual session  


       150 €   ⎯    up to 50 minutes single session

       300 €   ⎯    90 ~ 120 minutes Full Session with the topics                                    of business, or special cases

      1000 €  ⎯   Half Day ISM Intensive with Master Yu & SooJin

After completion of payment, please contact us through the form below in order to provide the following information:

  • name of payer 

  • day & time of payment

  • amount of payment

  • which option was paid (1 day, 2 days etc.)

  • number of persons

Сообщение отправлено, спасибо!

You can also contuct us via whatsapp, viber:



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